Streaming Data Services

LANTIX Stream BI Analytics allows you to take advantage of one of the leading business intelligence tools, Microsoft Power BI. Stream BI Analytics to analyze high-volume, streaming data and get the insight in a real-time Power BI analytics dashboard. Use Microsoft Power BI to build a live dashboard quickly .

LANTIX Can Provide Resources

Cloud Architects
DevOPS Admin
Hadoop Architects
PYTHON And R Developers

Massive growth in data is the future which is driven by proliferation of devices, emerging channels of data creation and consumption; the volume, velocity and variety of data that organisations need to analyse is changing rapidly. Uncovering insights from this data requires effective aggregation, integration, validation and cleaning techniques.

LANTIX enables organizations conceptualise and drive a well thought out big data program across multiple domains and focus areas, which enable them to achieve the objectives of revenue maximization and increasing operational efficiency.

We have harden our own SPARK Eco System for streaming data applications which is based on HDFS, YARN, SPARK, CASSANDRA and Kafka. We can provide you out of the box solution on any cloud platform which will get you up and running.


  • Requirement gathering for Big data infrastructure.
  • Big Data architectural design in line with organisation’s existing database architecture.
  • We will help you tick all the security, compliance and governess boxes.
  • Big data architecture Meta models. We follow TOGAF when building these Meta-models.
  • Proposed solution implementation. We follow ITIL framework for change management.
  • We can hold the fort by providing you DevOps support for running your big-data architecture while you are building your business logic.
  • We have resources who are expert in building predictive analysis algorithms in R & Python should you require any assistance.
  • We can provide you 100% dedicated resources to run, build and maintain your BigData.
  • Design and Development - Leveraging the streaming ecosystem, our data science experts to deliver large scale big data solutions at cost effective rates.

LANTIX Streaming Data Process

More and more companies are moving their data facilities in the cloud which is enabling these companies to be move agile in their capabilities to gain market edge and to do a more real-time analysis of their business processes for better decision making. Cloud is bringing much needed elasticity and flexibility to these companies data operation. LANTIX can help to achieve such capabilities for you.

Our Expertise

We work with all the major database platforms and cloud providers. We can help you to expand your existing data and BI work-loads to the Cloud which can bring flexibility and agility to your data organization. Move your In-house BI Completely to the cloud which can your In-house Technology footprints and deliver significant savings. You can expand your BI architecture by linking Big Data And BI platform in the cloud to create more comprehensive data lake.



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