Machine Learning

Task analysis
LANTIX is used to classify information from text such as emails, chats, documents and even tweets. This gives companies the ability to do:

Spam filtering: With Machine Learning, email programs classify an email as spam based on the content in the email.
Sentiment analysis: This method can be used to classify if the opinion expressed by the writer is positive, neutral or negative.
Information extraction: The system is taught to extract a particular piece of information such as keywords, addresses, names etc.

Image processing


Image tagging:  machine Learning algorithms automatically detect faces or specified objects in a photo based on the photos that you manually tag.

Optical Character Recognition: Lantix  algorithms learn to identify a certain image as a written character and transform a scanned text document into a digital file.

Why you need machine learning

Sales: Sales and account managers can get alerts from the algorithms about specific customers or deals that are at risk. Machine Learning gives management actionable, real-time insights about their customers and vendors.

Human Resources:Predictive analysis is playing an important role in HR departments today. Machine Learning models are being deployed to identify and recruit employees and also to make existing employees work more efficient 

Marketing:Marketing campaigns can be personalized with Machine Learning to meet the needs of prospective customers. Customers can be given special offers based on their previous buying patterns.

Finance:The existing financial systems show historical financial transactions. But applications using Machine Learning show future opportunities and how to get more profits out of existing systems.

LANTIX Can Provide Resources

Cloud Architects
DevOPS Admin
Hadoop Architects
PYTHON And R Developers

Lantix Can Provide Services

DM and ER modeling As a Service
Co-colated OLTP and OLAP data warehouse design and solution implementation
Dimentional Modeling for ETL engine
Hadoop based Data Lake Design

RSS Machine Learning




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