Safe City 

54292-8193861LANTIX focus is on using deep learning and image processing to produce highly accurate models for video, image and sound processing which can provide much needed in-time data analysis for law enforcement agencies.

LANTIX can also model individual and collective traffic patterns and automatically identifying areas with traffic congestion, creating high-resolution population inhabitants, clustering urban dynamics of migrants and visitors traveling to a city, and investigating the relationship between urban communication, safety and happiness.

LANTIX uses a very powerful machine learning tool called Artificial Neural Network which can mimic the biological process of our brain. 

Tools we Use

  • SPARK Frame-work
  • EBImage
  • ANN
  • R
  • Python




LANTIX Can Provide Resources

Cloud Architects
DevOPS Admin
Hadoop Architects
PYTHON And R Developers

Lantix Can Provide Services

DM and ER modeling As a Service
Co-colated OLTP and OLAP data warehouse design and solution implementation
Dimentional Modeling for ETL engine
Hadoop based Data Lake Design

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